2015—Tile Roof

I’ve always loved the look of tile roofs. My house has one but my roof has mass manufactured concrete tiles, not handmade clay or adobe tiles like many of the tile roofs of the California missions and other old buildings here and in Europe. When I was looking at my photographs from France the other day, I ran across this shot I took of tiled roofs somewhere in France. I don’t recall exactly where I took these shots but it was somewhere along the Rhône River. The homes look like they might have been there for hundreds of years and the tiles are wonderfully aged with a rainbow of colors on cracked ivy covered stone and stucco walls…with, of course, the requisite TV satellite dishes and antennas to add a more modern look. No sense in artificially aging this photo with textures and filters in an attempt to make the photo look old…the antennas and satellite dishes would be a dead giveaway!


2 thoughts on “2015—Tile Roof

  1. I love this photo! There is something about that one house where you can see the walls (upper right), surrounded by the texture of the roofs, that just draws me in.

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