2015—Just Relax

The scent of lavender is known for its soothing, relaxing qualities. The lavender in my garden is in full bloom now and when I looked at it this afternoon, after pouring myself a glass of Zinfandel, I can really appreciate the qualities it lends to my garden, especially today. After sitting as “Juror #3” for most of the day and inexplicably being thanked for my jury service and dismissed after 5 hours when I was convinced I was going to be seated on the jury, I was grateful for my soothing, relaxing garden, and, of course, my glass of Zinfandel. The composition was actually inspired by my friend Melinda’s Kansas Wheat post today. As I looked through the viewfinder at the lavender it reminded me of her stalks of wheat.


2 thoughts on “2015—Just Relax

  1. You got the better end of the deal by being able to retreat to your garden. That other thing is run by the lawyers for the lawyers, any justice is only a happenstance. Th victim and defendant are only there to give the lawyers a framework within which to do their dance. Thinking about jury duty makes me realize I need to go smell some lavender..

  2. Glad to be a source of inspiration! 😎 and especially glad you’re not on the jury! Lovely lavender!

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