2015—Geese Crossing

Just down the street from where Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater used to be on Rocklin Road in Rocklin, there is a yellow diamond shaped warning sign posted at the corner that says “Geese Crossing” with a drawing of some geese. I’d seen geese around the area when Famous Mo’s was open but once road work started on the roundabouts that turned out to be the demise of Famous Mo’s, the geese disappeared. Wednesday morning, I was in the same shopping center as Famous Mo’s, for a training session with my personal trainer Noelle. As we were leaving, she pointed to a family of four Canada geese heading across the parking lot toward the street. We each grabbed our cameras and raced to the sidewalk but by the time we got there, they were already in the street. I was concerned about their safety crossing the busy street but I needn’t have worried. The adult geese stood, waited, and watched for cars to pass. Plus, the traffic calming roundabouts did their job and slowed the traffic and although the “Geese Crossing” sign was about a block away, it seemed to have served its purpose, too.

I only got a couple of useable shots. In the first, Mama, Papa, and one of the babies prepare to cross the street. In the second, Junior, bringing up the rear, hurries to catch the rest of the family.