2015—Questionable Gesture

I was sitting on the patio with my camera waiting for some hummingbird action when a male lesser goldfinch landed on my new bubbling fountain about a foot away from where I was sitting. He immediately realized his mistake as I turned and he retreated to a nearby branch. I took several shots of him looking for “gesture” and although I got a couple of him scraping his beak on the branch, this one caught my eye. He’s looking straight at the camera and sticking out his tongue! I guess he was expressing his displeasure and he wanted me to leave so he could bathe and drink from the new bubbler (with apologies to anyone reading this blog who does not approve of anthropomorphic comparisons—or not…after all it’s my blog).

D7100 – 70-200mm Lens with 2X teleconverter
Focal Length 400mm; ISO 640; f/8; 1/80s


2 thoughts on “2015—Questionable Gesture

  1. Hah! Cute! My goldfinches love the fountain too! Glad to see you are home for awhile! 😎

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