2015—Mr. Toad

Last week, my friends Jesse and Lyle built a raised garden bed for me and yesterday, I planted it. While I was at Green Acres buying my tomatoes, basil, and marigolds, I saw this garden toad and decided he would be the perfect adjunct to my garden. I don’t have a real toad to eat the bugs but maybe this guy will help to scare away any potential munchers. I planted five different varieties of tomato, an ambrosia melon, a Japanese eggplant, and four varieties of basil as well as a few other herbs. I still have space (I’m trying square foot gardening) for more herbs and I’d like to try onions and garlic.

I’m also using a drip system so I’m complying with the drought restrictions here. Jesse and Lyle installed a dedicated line and two drip heads. All I had to do was attach the tubing and the drip emitters. For me, that was easier said than done. As the sun beat down on me mid afternoon, I attached all of the tubing to the on/off switches then attached the other end of the tubing to the wrong part of the emitter so when I tested the system, water was spraying from the drip heads, not through the tubing. An hour later, thoroughly drenched in sweat, I’d reattached the tubing to the correct places and repositioned the emitters so that they would actually emit. Finally, I was ready to plant. I must learn to read the instructions before I start a project, not afterwards. I finished planting about 7PM.


3 thoughts on “2015—Mr. Toad

  1. I have to admire your ambition, last time I tried tomatoes I got two for the season & the birds got both of them. I’m more like an herb guy now.. not a bird feeder from the containers. You friends built a very attractive planting bed.

  2. Beautiful garden space! They did a great job! Love the toad! I can’t quite picture where this is in your back yard. In your spare time (hah!) take some photos for me!

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