While spending the other day in Chico, with a dear friend in her old home town, we ran across evidence everywhere of another dear friend’s current home town, Neenah, Wisconsin. Surrounding every sidewalk tree was a rusty grate stamped “Neenah Foundry Co.” so of course I had to photograph one. It was a grab shot (although I took several) and I was amazed at how uninteresting a tree grate can be. It has texture, to be sure, and color from the rust and the verdigris (I presume that’s what it is), and its form reminded me of a backbone and ribs, but I hadn’t taken any time to compose an interesting photograph and the contrasty shadows from the bright sun were distracting. As I looked at the downloaded shots, I knew they needed help. I rotated the shot slightly, cropped it to a 9X16 format, and enhanced the color with some of the Color Efex Pro filters. I clicked on buttons until I was pleased with the outcome. I could never duplicate this. So, Susan, Melinda and I were thinking about you that day, even when we weren’t walking with the Beatles!

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