2014—A Day In The Life

My friend, and fellow photoblogger, Melinda and I got together yesterday in, of all places, Chico, Melinda’s home town. She and her husband drove up from Arizona on short notice for a business trip and I drove up to Chico to spend the day with her. As we strolled downtown, Melinda was excited to show me a potential photo op she had discovered the night before: none other than a life size tromp l’oeil mural of our old teen idols, The Beatles, strolling on Main Street, not Abbey Road. Of course we had to join in the procession to the great amusement of many passersby. One gentleman even took a photo of both of us together, although with Melinda’s camera so I don’t have those photos yet. Here is Melinda, clearly enjoying the parade!

Day 119-10

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