2014—Lean(ish), Mean(ish), Grilling Machine

I’m not too lean and I’m not at all mean but I am becoming a ‘grilling machine!” Thursday was the third night in a row that I barbecued my dinner after assembling my brand new Weber Performer Platinum charcoal grill with electronic ignition and gas starter on Tuesday evening. It’s been years since I’ve tasted the intoxicating flavors of the kind of home barbecued, hickory smoked beef, chicken, and pork that my late husband used to produce. So, I immediately indulged in all three just to confirm that those flavors were what I have been craving. They are. First was a New York steak that turned out pretty well, medium rare-ish, not the blood red rare I love but a good first attempt; then the next night, I managed to barbecue marinated chicken breast along with some asparagus all while talking to my friend Susan, an experienced griller who “joined me for dinner” from Wisconsin. Then, it was a center cut pork chop, a pork porter house steak, just salted, peppered, and smoked. That salt and the hickory smoke turned the chop to a glorious mahogany, and I savored a flavor I haven’t had in more than 8 years. Oh, how I’ve missed it. Oh, and I’m wearing an official Weber apron that my old friend Suzanna sent me more than 20 years ago when we moved to this house. It’s never been worn because I didn’t barbecue then and Ron refused to wear an apron.

Day 128-26