2014—Fire Engine Red

On Saturday, my brother Art and I joined the Trains and Tripods event at the California State Railroad Museum as part of a group of 50 amateur photographers allowed into the museum at 7AM, three hours before it opened to the public. Tripods are not allowed in the museum so being able to take our tripods, being able to place those tripods in places normally off limits, and having access without worrying about other museum visitors, allowed us to focus on some of the interesting and unusual details in the museum as well as on the magnificent trains on display. In a coaching session the night before, Dave Henry, a professional photographer who guided us in the event, advised us to select three things we wanted to photograph because the 3 hours would be over before we were ready for it to be. He was right on both counts. It was important that we knew where we wanted to focus our attention because the time flew by.

One of my three “must haves” was the San Diego & Arizona Eastern M W 1003 1931 Ford Model AA Rail Fire Engine. It was not only the color that caught my eye, but the spectacular hood ornament. The bell was a last minute “grab” in the waning minutes of the event as they announced we needed to pack up and exit the museum. As I hurried by to collect my equipment, the bell grabbed my attention, all but ignored in my obsession over the hood ornament. Art and I both had a great time and were thrilled to learn that this is a semi annual event so we’ll be back in September! I used my macro lens for all but the shot of the truck.

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