2014—Still Life With Herbs

As I was making a salad for lunch Saturday, using some leftover chicken I grilled with hickory smoke the day before, I decided that it would be perfect with an herbed vinaigrette. I found a fabulous sounding recipe on Food Network’s website and used the fresh herbs I had in my garden to make it: basil, thyme, and chives and added fresh garlic and fresh lemon I had on hand. I thought the resulting salad looked pretty enough for a picture so I set the salad on my wrought iron patio table with the container of herbed dressing in the background and with some sprigs of herbs under the fork——for you herb purists out there the fresh herbs laying under the fork are thyme and oregano but oregano was not in the dressing. Only later did I discover that yesterday’s Flickr challenge was Still Life. Perfect.

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