2014—Urban Decay

While visiting Chico the other day, my friend Melinda walked me by the 1920’s two-story stucco house converted into her father’s dental office with living quarters upstairs where she had lived for a time with her family starting when she was about 18 months old. As we walked around the back through the parking lot, we saw that the automotive garage that she remembered from her early childhood was still in business, its back wall and window looming over the shrubs and fence separating it from the parking lot. The white masonry building is now stained and mildewed, the window frame is rusted, and the spray painted gang tags show a bit of urban decay, all in stark contrast to the cheerful, newly painted, tidy structure still housing a dental practice just yards away.

Day 119-34

One thought on “2014—Urban Decay

  1. Ah yes- the lovely graffiti! It makes for a compelling shot! I’m wishing I had photographed MY window.

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