A couple of days ago, I noticed a single tiny lobelia plant in a dry planter bed struggling to bloom amid the dying moss and hard clay. Today I noticed that it was in bloom with three tiny flowers and even more buds, all on a tiny plant no taller than 2 inches. When I discovered that a recent Flickr challenge was “the number 3” I knew I had to photograph this valiant trio emerging from a plant that grew from a seed left over from long ago. I used to have lobelia and other bright annuals planted there but my garden suffers from neglect. I hope to rectify that soon.

I decided to use my macro lens for this shot. My tripod was sprattled rather precariously, two legs on the edges of the brick planter and one extending through my legs onto the patio. It was late morning with full sun beating down on me and the plant in our second heat wave of the season—102°is too hot too soon— so I shaded the plant with the diffusion panel from my reflector clipped to a garden chair. The lobelia flowers were each on a slightly different plane which wouldn’t have mattered had I not been using my macro lens with its ultra shallow depth of field so I couldn’t get the three in focus at once. I tried a smaller aperture but that brought more of the background into focus and I wanted the background soft. I took this shot at f/10, 1/13 second shutter speed and ISO 100.

Day 135-7-4