2014—Fishing On Lake George

I have spent the day editing about 1700 photos I took more than six weeks ago at the Northern California Fly Tying Expo held in Redding that was put on by the Shasta-Trinity Fly Fishers, of which my brother, Arthur, is a member. I stopped to take a break and decided to photograph a tiny fly, presented to me by Karl Jaeger, one of the fly tyers, at the expo. Since it is so small, I wanted to show some scale so I found a nickel in my wallet and set the fly on the nickel. As I set up the shot, I wondered whether Thomas Jefferson, whose face appears on the nickel, was a fly fisherman. A quick Google search (I love Google) revealed that he enjoyed fishing so that was good enough for me. This is a quote from a letter to his daughter found in the Papers of Thomas Jefferson about Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York, on May 31, 1791.

“An abundance of speckled trout, salmon trout, bass and other fish with which is stored, have added to our other amusements the sport of taking them.”

This is a macro shot, a 6 second exposure at f/51, ISO 100.

Day 142-9