2013—Day 23—”It’s Broccoli, Dear”

I have always loved this caption from a cartoon by Carl Rose, published in 1928 in The New Yorker. And, I only recently discovered that although the drawing was by Carl Rose, the caption, which is what caught my interest in the first place, was penned by none other than E.B. White. I, too, say, “it’s spinach and I say the Hell with it!” My shot today is of a head of broccoli that will soon be steamed and served on my dinner table, but not tonight. And, I found a link to a copy of the original cartoon. I don’t know why it has always amused me so much but I used to have a copy of this pinned to the wall in my cubicle at work.

Day 23-21

Carl Rose  Its Broccoli,dear

3 thoughts on “2013—Day 23—”It’s Broccoli, Dear”

  1. You are so funny Carol. Chris likes spinach and hates broccoli and loved that you phoned last night. He should have passed the phone around so you could say HI ! The brisket was delicious.

  2. Hahaha! Very funny cartoon! And your broccoli is beautifully photographed- I don’t think you need a macro lens. You manage to take gorgeous macro shots with what you have- the 24-70??? Your longer zoom??? FYI- I think the very first time I ate broccoli was in our college apartment; it was never served in my house (no surprise there. . .). AND I love spinach AND broccoli, so THERE!

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