Three men … er hummers… in a fountain? I think they ARE all “men” hummers because their gorgets are quite pronounced and their heads are red as well, so the rhyme sort of fits. Now to find something that rhymes with “fountain.” Rub-a-dub-Downton? A nod to my latest favorite Masterpiece Theater production?

As regular readers have guessed by now, I never tire of photographing my hummers and this morning when I saw one bathing, I quickly switched to my 28-300 zoom and went outside to sit by the fountain again. This morning, I am happy to report, the seat was dry and so am I. And, because I was dry, I was not uncomfortable as I waited for the hummers to return to the fountain. I was rewarded with all three at once. However, I need to find a better angle from which to photograph them so one isn’t obscured by the bubble in the fountain. And I now realize my next project is to get all three in focus instead of just one. I need to use a smaller aperture for a deeper depth of field. Tomorrow’s project maybe?

Day 9-16

I couldn’t resist posting several of my favorite shots today. And one of the most interesting to me is the one of the hummer blinking.

Day 9-3

Day 9-7

Day 9-10

Day 9-12

Day 9-13

Day 9-20

Day 9-21

Day 9-22