2013—Goodnight, Moon

OK. I couldn’t do it. After smugly posting a shot from yesterday to be published today, I thought I might be able to successfully wean myself away from a daily photo. Not true. I had to take a photo today. And I had to post it today. I thought I could do it but I can’t. At least not yet. I had been thinking about the moon because it’s a half moon and I can’t recall if I’ve posted any half moon shots yet. And after I texted Melinda that I thought I might be able to go without taking a photo today but I wasn’t sure, she suggested a moon shot and so, that was it. I switched lenses, got my new tripod, and traipsed outside to the sidewalk. A neighbor asked if a comet was coming. “No,” I replied. “Just trying to take a shot of the moon.” He quickly retreated into his house.

I used the sunny 16 rule (f/16, ISO 100, 1/100 shutter speed) but had to make a few adjustments to brighten because it wasn’t totally dark outside and there were street lights on, as well. I like the look of the moon’s craters so I cropped this shot a bit more than I usually crop my moon shots and I changed it to black and white to give a slightly different feel. I chose an old standby to keep me from going into withdrawal. Goodnight, Moon.

Day 19-4

2013—Day 19—Silhouette

I never know when I’ll find something fascinating to photograph. Late this afternoon, I was at Mo’s (after playing hooky most of the day) because I had to retrieve my laptop. Rich was posting job announcements on the computer and when I looked up, he was silhouetted against the late afternoon sun shining through the window. I grabbed my camera and announced that he might make my blog. I didn’t take time to focus as well as I should. If you look closely, I think only a few hairs are in focus. But interestingly, there is lots of bokeh around the edges.

This is my second “auto” post, written on one day about a photograph taken that same day but scheduled for publication at a later date (i.e., photographed and written on Friday and posted on Saturday). I don’t know if I’ll find something spectacular to photograph today (Saturday—weird to project yourself into the next day) but if I do, I’ll schedule it for another day. I thought this shot was every bit as compelling as the hawk shot and deserved to make my blog.

Day 18-2-2-3