2013—Day 27—Light, Lens, Lavender

When I went outside in the backyard this morning to see if there was anything interesting to photograph, the yellow morning light got my attention. My 28-300 mm zoom was already on the camera so I took some shots of budding leaves on the neighbor’s pear tree, a squirrel perched eating something in the pear tree, and the fountain. The hummingbirds were not in evidence. None of the shots I took was in crisp focus so I was disappointed in the result. Never one to be discouraged, however, I attached the tripod and tried again. By now the sun was shining directly on the lavender and the empty seed pods looked to be the most promising subject since the squirrel had long since left the area.

Even with the tripod, I was not completely happy with the lavender shots so I changed lenses. With the 24-70mm attached, I took several more shots. And, for one of the shots, the auto focus went completely out of focus for some reason. I actually liked that shot so I switched to manual focus and took a few deliberately unfocused. Trying for unfocused shots is definitely outside of my comfort zone but I think the resulting abstract is interesting and kind of fun and of course, it has lots of bokeh.

Now you see it:

Day 27-5-4

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100

Now you don’t:

Day 27-15-4

Focal Length 66mm
ISO 100