2013—Day 22—Search

I heard the helicopter flying over my house about 7:30 this evening and decided to try to photograph it. I heard no sirens or other activity that might point to any nefarious activity but I’ll never know what brought it out tonight. When the copters fly at night, they use their powerful searchlight to seek out their subject and I tried to capture that. It was a challenge to anticipate when the copter would reappear over my rooftop and then to focus the lens in time to get a shot before it disappeared behind the trees. All I could see in the darkness was the searchlight and a few other lights on the copter. Only when I downloaded the shots did I find one shot that revealved both the searchlight and some of the body, and that, only after I increased the exposure. I had already increased the ISO to 3200, so there is lots of noise, but in this case, I think it adds a bit of interest to the shot. And, besides, it’s the only shot I have to post today.

Day 22-43-2

2 thoughts on “2013—Day 22—Search

  1. Are you sure you aren’t hiding criminals in your back yard? We will miss you tonight. Everyone says Hi!

  2. Fascinating! Really interesting shot- and great composition! Reminds me of the time there WERE criminals hiding in our backyard in SR and we had the helicopter flying overhead and the cops at the door.

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