2013—Day 2—Monolith

This afternoon, I stood outside Famous Mo’s as Jesse’s spotter while he climbed a high, rickety ladder to install eye bolts to hang a banner announcing that Famous Mo’s is “coming soon,” an activity not unlike Jesse’s ancestor, Famous Mo, who, almost a century ago, similarly ascended a rickety ladder at the Big Gun Quarry which is located almost directly across the street from Famous Mo’s current location. I guess I should have been paying attention to Jesse to make sure he was steady on the ladder (but afterall, what on earth are you supposed to DO if someone falls off a ladder?). I wondered if I should fling my body under him to cushion the blow, and or just dial 911; fortunately, I didn’t have to make the decision because he managed to finish the job without incident. I (and he) was lucky, I guess, because instead of watching him, I was distracted by the building and as I gazed at the granite, I realized that Famous Mo’s building is built of the same gray granite quarried in Rocklin, possibly even across the street at the Big Gun Quarry, like much of the granite used in California’s state capitol building. Of course I had my camera with me so how much assistance could I have rendered anyway, carrying 5 pounds of camera and lens when protecting said camera and lens would be, without question, my first concern if he had fallen off the ladder? So, my charge abandoned, I decided I liked the view of this corner of the building and then remembered that today’s Flickr theme is “gray/grey.” The gull in the sky adds a bit of interest to the shot, I think and this corner somehow reminds me of the monolith in the movie “2001, A Space Odyssey;” maybe it’s the angle.

N.B. I am currently on cold meds, so if this post seems wacky, it probably is so please ignore it!

Day 2-22

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100