2013—Day 24—Tappety-Tap-Tap

I set up this shot today to use on Famous Mo’s website. The site is still under construction but is not hidden from view so if you want to check out our progress, click here. This shot doesn’t appear as of this posting, though. I also designed the logo that appears in the background on my laptop screen. Of course I had to use my Mac for this shot; all the other computers at Mo’s are PC’s, just not my cup of tea (of coffee). My business partner, Jesse, cooperated by being a hand model for the shot. After I posted this to the blog, though, I realized that what I really wanted to post to the website was a black and white shot with only the logo in color. After a few false starts, I came up with this second version, so I had to edit the post and add it.

Day 24-13

I think I much prefer the black and white version and it’s more in keeping with the overall theme of the Famous Mo’s website.

Day 24-13-3