2013—Day 29—Through A Glass Darkly

This morning I revisited a shot I took about a year ago, a clear glass bottle and a wine glass both on black backgrounds with light reflected from the sides. I loved the effect and we’re going to use the wine glass on the Famous Mo’s website. My assignment today was to take a similar shot of an empty beer glass so that we can use that on the website as well. I had a much easier time with it today and decided to take a shot of the beer glass and of a stemless wine glass. I had help, as you can see in the third shot. Bobo was so curious about what I was doing on “her” window seat that she couldn’t resist intruding into the shot. I’m glad she did because it was only after I looked at the shot with Bobo that I realized that I was reflected prominently in the glass so I set the camera to take shots by itself and walked away, distracting Bobo so she’d stay out of the shot, too.

Despite the clear glass on the black background with reflected light, I changed the shots to black and white because the reflections contained a significant amount of color, including a red flower pot outside the window. I wanted the shot to be monochrome.

Day 29-6-2

Day 29-3-2

Day 29-57