Day 179—Over And Under

Today I am introducing two changes that affect my blog. First, I have switched my photo import software from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom 4. This is a huge change for me and I think it will be a slow transition for me, but thanks to Kelby Online Training and specifically to Matt Kloskowski, I have help (along with my friend and fellow photoblogger Melinda who also recently switched). Today was the first time I used the software to import photos and it is just enough different from Aperture that it took me twice as long to do it, although the actual download seemed much faster to me than downloading in Aperture. I was having so many problems with Aperture that when Melinda, my major photography support system, switched, I decided I’d better hop on the bandwagon with her.

The second change, is the addition of a watermark to my photo. I have considered watermarking the photos that I publish on line for more than a year but I never got around to designing a watermark. Lightroom makes it simple to add a watermark to a photo, something Aperture didn’t feature (at least not that I ever discovered) so when the Kelby training video showed how easy it was to add one to a photo, I designed one using my favorite font (Melmo) and a small graphic of a lens aperture that I designed. So, today’s photo features the first use of my very own watermark.

Finally, if you’re wondering about the subject of my photo today, it is a detail of a Savage 24B over and under, a combination rifle and shotgun. Since today’s challenge theme is “over and under” I think it perfectly meets the challenge. The shotgun stays propped behind my bedroom door. It is the only gun remaining from my late husband’s gun collection; a friend coached me through firing the shotgun part and it now serves as my personal protection.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 179—Over And Under

  1. OMG I had no idea that you were ARMED (and dangerous?)!!! This foils my plan of coming in an stealing your camera and 50mm 1.4- darn!
    Really interesting point of view (glad it’s not the other end of the barrel. . .) and composition! And I do love the watermark! Very cool! The export process seems to take forever the first time, because you have to check every setting. But then it’s right there for you next time and is SO FAST! And the Flickr export- wow! My Smug Mug unfortunately is not exporting quite so smoothly. . . but welcome to Lightroom- you will grow to love it after the strangeness wears off (took me over 2 weeks).

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