Day 161—Mezoo

Another day spent reviewing and editing photos and not taking them. Late this afternoon I sat on the patio enjoying the cool breeze which has since turned into a gale. I saw the hummingbird a couple of times and managed to get a couple of mediocre shots but nothing good. I was having a glass of wine (Sobon Estates Old Vine Zin tonight) and reading Food and Wine Magazine and drooling, anxious to go inside and cook something delicious for dinner. I took a few photos of the succulent with the red daisy like flowers that cascades over the edge of the table it’s on. I just found out that it is called Mezoo™ Trailing Red Dorotheanthus and it was the best shot I took today. The exposure is SOOC, but it is cropped.

Focal Length 300mm
Manual Mode
ISO 100
WB Fine Weather