Day 168—Ripples

After lunch with a friend in Auburn this afternoon, I drove over to nearby Ashford Park because I knew I could find water there and on this hot, hot, hot afternoon, I craved water. But it wasn’t water to drink but rather water to photograph. Of course I neglected to bring my tripod with me so my efforts to get silky water flowing along Auburn Ravine were less than effective so I walked across the green field and sat down under an oak tree on the edge of Ashford Park Pond. I frightened away a large turtle basking on a rock in the pond and he never returned so I photographed some kind of floating water plant and the ripples created by the breeze and the fish biting at something on the surface. I wish there were a few water lilies so it would be a bit more Monet-like, but I was generally pleased with this shot because it is somewhat cool and serene looking. Plus, a recent daily theme from my Flickr group was “across the water” and this seems to fit.

Focal Length 190mm
ISO 100
WB Fine Weather
Manual Mode