Day 178—Plane and Solid

Today’s challenge theme is “Geometry” and, once again, the gods of Serendip have brought the subject of my day’s photo to me. My neighbors’ above-ground swimming pool is filled for the summer and already today, the ball has been in my yard twice. The second time it came over, before flinging it back over the fence, I decided it met today’s challenge so I kept it a while to photograph it. It’s been quite a few years since I took Plane and Solid Geometry in High School but I do know that this beach ball is a sphere (solid) with a circle (plane) at its polar end. I don’t know what to call the geometric shapes that form the longitudinal segments but their bright, primary colors are what drew me to photograph the ball in the first place.

Focal Length 85mm
Manual Mode
ISO 100
WB Shade

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