Day 180—Cardoon

While I was in Newcastle this afternoon, I ran across several clumps of dried thistle that I believe to be cardoon, or wild artichoke. This is my favorite of the shots I took today. It looks like a fall shot; it is very monochromatic and there is no hint of the brilliant blue summer sky that I captured in a few of the shots.

I have made no progress using Lightroom. I can download photos to Lightroom from my camera and export them with my watermark. Beyond that, I can do nothing. At this point my shots must be SOOC. While I prefer to post photos straight out of the camera to my blog, it is nice to be able to crop them, and make other modest adjustments if I have to do so. I hope soon to be able to do more to my photos in Lightroom.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 100
SB Fair Weather