Day 160—Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Ménage à Trois—too much of a good thing? Three’s a crowd maybe, but when it comes to wine, I don’t think there could be too much Ménage à Trois. Today’s challenge is, “too much of a good thing” and a few minutes ago, when I realized that I had been too busy all day to even think about taking a photo and looked at the challenge theme as I poured my glass of Ménage à Trois, I knew what my photo would be. It’s been a while since I featured wine (at least I think it has) so here is tonight’s beverage of choice.

I have to admit that I was more interested in drinking my wine than photographing it tonight after spending the entire afternoon evaluating photos for my last class assignments. I took only three shots and didn’t take the time to attach the camera to the tripod so I could get a decent exposure without camera shake and I left the white balance set at auto. So much for what I learned in class. I edited this shot by increasing the exposure a little more than 2/3 of a stop and applying a levels adjustment.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 250
Manual Mode
Auto WB
levels and exposure adjustments.