Day 139—A Snail’s Pace

Honora and I are going at a snail’s pace today. It’s well past noon and we haven’t yet started to do any of the road trip planning which is the reason we got together this weekend. We have, however, managed to take lots of photographs. I say “we” because Honora has been pointing out photographic challenges for me to attempt, even staging some scenarios. When she found a snail in one of her planters, she asked if I wanted to photograph it before she “did away with it.” I started taking photos and Honora added a few flowers for the snail to crawl to, then she pulled a patio chair near so it would cast an interesting shadow over the entire scene. I think the black spot at the end of the antenna-like stalks are eyes. If so, he seems to be watching me in some of these shots.

All shots are cropped but otherwise, SOOC. I used Aperture Priority. They were all taken at f/9, ISO 100, 300mm focal length and shutter speeds of 1/100 or 1/125.

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