Day 138—Cheerio!

Cheerio! I’m off to Santa Rosa this morning to spend a couple of days with my old high school friend, Honora, and plan our 2012 “Thelma and Louise” (without the cliff thing) road trip down California’s Coast Highway 1. Today’s daily challenge theme is “starts with C” and as I poured my morning bowl of Cheerios, I knew what my picture of the day would be. When the colors weren’t accurate, I used my gray card to create a custom white balance, which was one of the lessons for this week’s class. When the shutter speeds produced by Aperture Priority were too slow, I switched to manual mode and captured the photo I wanted. I have a tendency to shove my camera closer than the lens can focus; I try to keep an eye on the focus meter but sometimes I get caught up in the composition. And since I used the largest aperture on this lens, I think the only thing in focus in this shot is the top of the blueberry in the spoon. Too late to try again for better focus. I’ve already eaten the bowl of Cheerios.

Focal Length 50mm
Manual Mode
ISO 200

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