Day 140—Slurp

Before leaving Santa Rosa earlier this evening to drive home, I stopped by my brother John’s house to say “hi.” Misto is his tailless Australian Shepherd and she absolutely adores John. Although she is not a small dog, nor is she a puppy, she loves to loll in John’s lap. Misto is also a ham and she was happy to pose and look straight at the camera for a couple of the photos. I used Aperture Priority. The first and last shots required a levels and exposure adjustment. The second and third shots are SOOC.

Gazing adoringly at John:

Slurping John’s face:

Staring straight at me as if to say, “well take the photo, already!”

Staring at me again, as if to say, “I get to loll in John’s lap and you don’t!”

One thought on “Day 140—Slurp

  1. Awwww cute! All are sweet- especially the slurp! I think I like the first best- the focus in the eye and the clarity of the coat are wonderful. And the way she is looking at him! Nothing like a man and his dog. . .

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