Day 133—Chair

I didn’t get a chance to take photos today until mid afternoon when the sun was high and it was hot. I passed by a fenced off courtyard to a small business that was closed and was intrigued by some chairs casting distinct shadows of their grids onto the bright concrete beneath them. I was challenged by this shot because I had to shoot through a wrought iron fence and I was trying to avoid getting the fence pickets in my shots. I had to place my lens against one of the pickets to prevent this from happening but as a result, I was restricted in my composition. I wanted to avoid the somewhat distracting pots at the upper left edge of the shot but was unable to compose the shot to avoid them. Today’s daily challenge theme is “borrowed.” I borrowed the idea for this shot from a much-discussed shot at the Placer Camera Club a couple of meetings ago. Someone had photographed a similar scene, only with a table and chairs casting shadows and it was intriguing so when I saw this, I knew it had to be my photo for today. I started out using Aperture Priority but my brain must have been affected by the sun because I forgot about Exposure Compensation. Old habits die hard: I switched to Manual because without exposure compensation, Aperture Priroity settings overexposed the shots because of the brightly reflecting concrete.

Focal Length 125mm
Manual Mode
ISO 100