Day 146—Lady Bug, Lady Bug

This was one of those days that my real life actually intervened and precluded me from pursuing my imaginary life of “cub photographer extraordinaire.” When I finally was able to take a breath and got out to take Mady for a walk, it was almost 6PM. I didn’t have much hope for a good shot of anything and decided to take Mady to a place I’d walked one other time in the hopes of finding something interesting. Nothing materialized and although I took a few shots of the clouds and the landscape, it wasn’t good enough. I was thinking about what I could photograph once we returned home when I glanced over at what I think is wild fennel and saw, in a misty sea of green, a tiny red ladbug standing out from the background. I have never photographed a ladybug before; it was in deep shade and I was shooting manual. I ended up with two shots in focus. I cropped this one.

Focal Length 300mm
Manual Mode
ISO 320