Day 124—Not Working Yet

Late this afternoon I came home from running some errands and I noticed my neighbor, holding a sledge hammer, heading down the street toward his son’s non-working truck where his son and another kid were replacing a radiator and other damaged parts, the result of a rear-ending accident a week or so ago. Was he going to finish off the vehicle with the sledge hammer? I had to find out what was going on, so, camera in hand, I crossed the street to watch and kibitz. No, he wasn’t texting, the neighbor’s son replied in answer to my query. And the other vehicle wasn’t damaged. As luck would have it, today’s challenge theme is “work,” and, despite having a brand new camera, I was not inspired to take photos today so this photo opportunity presented itself just in time.

The blog title today is really a double entendre. The vehicle was not working yet at the time I took the photo and I think it still is inoperable. More importantly, I am not working the camera properly yet. I was actually lucky to get the one halfway decent photo for the blog. I took several shots and most were not in focus, the result of my pressing on the wrong focusing button (I use back button focus). This camera is proving more difficult to acclimate to than I thought it would be. Operator error is becoming a theme of sorts for me. I did manage to change the white balance to “cloudy” when the color of my out of focus shots was not looking quite right. This is literally the only shot that I managed to get in focus.

Focal Length 300mm
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
WB Cloudy