Day 132—Dark Horse

One thing I’ve learned about taking photographs is that it is rare that I can improve on a shot that I like when I try to do it. Today is a case in point. My subject, my bronze replica of the famous Han Dynasty Flying Horse, is what is known, at least by Karen Russell, my photography class instructor, as a cooperative subject. I can pose it and it won’t move or complain. However, despite its “cooperative” nature, as is so often the case, I was unable to improve on the original shot I took, despite numerous (and I mean numerous) tries. Today’s challenge theme is a “dark” or “low key” shot. Since I was housebound this morning waiting to hear about a commercial printing job for which I’m getting bids, I decided to stay close to the phone and use available light for this shot. I set the horse on the dining room table. There was a patch of sunlight that reflected light nicely onto the horse. But the light moved and I changed the position of the horse and I added a black background and changed the white balance and none of the shots improved upon the one shot I really liked. Finally, when the photos kept getting considerably worse, not better, I decided to go with the second shot I took. So, my dark horse, one I thought was really a long shot to get picked for today’s photo, came in first.

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200
Manual Mode