Day 151—Everybody Loves Mady

Today, Mady and I drove to Benicia to visit fellow photoblogger Melinda so that she and I could use each other as “cooperative human subjects” to complete the remaining assignments for our photography class. Everybody at Melinda’s house, including her husband Lonnie and her son Matt were happy to have a golden retriever visiting for the day. Melinda and I made progress on our assignments and decided to add Mady as an uncooperative, nonhuman, subject for another class requirement, that of submitting photos for critiques that go beyond the specific lesson assignments and combine everything we’ve learned in the class, including composition, camera settings, exposure, focus, white balance and lighting.

I won’t be using this shot for any of the class assignments because it doesn’t quite measure up technically, especially because I focused on Melinda’s left eye instead of the eye closest to the camera and on Mady’s right eye instead of the one closest to the camera. However, I like the composition, the fact that Melinda and Mady fill the frame, and I think the exposure and lighting are good.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 100
WB sunny