Day 119—My Dog Has Fleas

My brother and sister-in-law have returned from their Hawaiian cruise and arrived this afternoon to retrieve Mady. Arthur eagerly shared his newly acquired musical skill: playing the ukulele. The new uke was out of tune so we used the age old ukulele tuning method of singing “my dog has fleas” which failed to result in an accurately tuned uke so we played D-C-E-A on my out-of-tune piano which resulted in a better sound, but, was not satisfactory enough for my brother so we ended up driving to The Guitar Center to get a real tuner. As luck would have it, The Guitar Center is next door to Total Wine so we stocked up on some beer: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye, and DeChutes Obsidian and I found a red blend that I couldn’t resist: “Sexy Wine Bomb ‘Blends Have More Fun.'” By the time we consume the beer and the wine, we won’t care whether or not the uke or the piano are tuned and I anticipate our jam session later this evening will sound pretty good to us…maybe not the neighbors, though.

Here’s Arthur as he tuned the guitar out on the patio. I’m reflected in one of the tuning heads.

Focal Length 50mm
ISO 200
Aperture Priority

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