Day 99—Hidden Assets

While I poked around my house trying to find something that might illustrate today’s challenge theme, “hidden,” because I had no Easter eggs, things that are normally hidden on this day, I opened a ceramic walnut that I keep on a cabinet and I was surprised to find a stash of bills that had completely slipped my mind. I guess I haven’t opened that walnut since before my husband passed away five years ago. It held our gambling stash for our occasional forays to nearby Thunder Valley Casino. We were apparently ahead by $65.

When I took the photo, I tried to keep in mind what I’m learning from my latest photography class. I listened to this week’s first lesson on the treadmill at the gym this morning so composition was swirling around my head: identify the subject; keep it simple; rule of thirds; balance. I know there’s more to the lesson but those were the things I thought about with this composition. I know all this stuff from the several classes I’ve already taken and I try to put it into practice in my daily photo shoots but sometimes I get too caught up in the moment to remember them, like when I’m following a hummingbird around the yard or tracking a hawk soaring overhead. The reminders contained in this lesson are good for me. I also tried to be extra careful with exposure because all the photos we post during the nine weeks of class must be straight out of the camera. No tweaking, not even just a little. What you take is what you post—so here’s my own take on WYSIWYG—WYTIWYP—pronounced “whit – ee – whip.” 🙂

As I look at my photo, I think I was fairly successful in applying the rules of composition. The subject is the money and I think there is no doubt about that plus it is apparent that the money is inside something else so it sort of tells a story; it’s simple, no extraneous background, or distracting elements; the photo is loosely divided into horizontal thirds and the 5 on one of the bills is at one of the crucial intersections; the top of the walnut literally and figuratively puts a lid on the money so it creates a balance with a bottom, middle and top.

Focal Length 170mm
ISO 100
3/5 second

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