Day 94—Serendipity

Once again, the gods of Serendip have treated me well. I’m starting to feel better today but again, I decided to stick with today’s daily challenge theme so I wouldn’t have to wrack my brain too much. Today’s theme is “middle.” Actually, that theme takes some brain-wracking for me in the state I’m in but today at least, it is without any cold medication so my brain is a bit clearer. My first thought was “middle C” on the piano but photographing piano keys, which I’ve done in the past without much artistic success, is not very appealing, so after a few shots, I decided to abandon the piano and focus on my recently re-invigorated patio fountain which now bubbles a gurgling plume from its center.

As I sat on the patio concrete in front of the fountain, I heard a bird song that I didn’t immediately recognize. Then I saw the hummingbird darting at the singing bird who, I presume, was probably too close to the hummingbird’s territory (a nest perhaps?). The bird is a male Lesser Goldfinch and I have seen him and his mate bathing in the fountain but have scared them away in the past when I walked outside to photograph them. I sat still and was rewarded when he flew down and watched me as I photographed. He never got comfortable enough to bathe while I was there, but he did pose for a few shots.

I’m going to claim that this photo meets the “middle” challenge because the subject is smack dab in the middle of the frame. This is cropped slightly but I kept Sir Goldfinch right in the middle where he started out. I love this shot because his stance makes it look as if his hands/wings are on his hips and he is looking straight at me as if to say, “would you leave so I can get on with my bath?”

Focal Length 300mm
ISO 200

One thought on “Day 94—Serendipity

  1. You know, I hate to admit this- but I am starting to really like birds. Shhh- don’t tell my daughter. This is one of those photos that is just so cute and charming that it really pulls me into the circle of bird lovers. The expression, the tilt of his head- so cute! And then there is the wonderful clarity and focus! And you even got a reflection! I want a fountain. . .

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