Day 31—Day 10, Port A—Three Scoops

I flew home from Port Aransas today. This morning, before I left, we walked on the beach. It was overcast, foggy, and misty. I took a few photos of the beach today but I was unable to get good exposure in the overcast, fog, and mist.

When I got home to Antelope an hour or so ago, I reviewed my photos and found today’s shots to be a bit lackluster. But one that I took at Scoopy’s, the ice cream shop adjacent to Snoopy’s on South Padre Island, where we had lunch on the way to the Corpus Christi airport, (I had fish and chips; the fish was corvina, a kind of sea trout, and it was wonderful) fits the daily challenge topic which is “three.” It turns out to be the most interesting photo I took today, along with a farewell shot of my wonderful hosts, Susan and Chris.

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