Day 28—Port A, Day 7—Farley Boat

Port Aransas, Texas is a fishing village that in the early 20th century, began to attract anglers and tourists from across America for tarpon fishing. However, because of the choppy waters around Port Aransas, access to the Gulf Coast was restricted because the boats of the day were not designed to handle the rough Gulf Coast waters and storms. The Farley Family began building the Farley boat in 1915 in Port Aransas.

Today, concrete planters made to represent Farley Boats, are everywhere in Port Aransas. The Port Aransas Garden Club created the Farley boat planters as a fund-raising project and to add local landscaping interest to residences, businesses, and public areas. The planters are an artistic reproduction of the original Farley boat and a reminder of historic fishing and boat building in the early 1900’s in Port Aransas, Texas. Today’s daily challenge topic is “craft” and I think the ubiquitous Farley boat planters qualify as craft. This Farley boat, by the Port Aransas Community Center and as yet unplanted, shows a local crafter’s artistic hand.

Focal Length 34mm
ISO 100

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  1. Very crafty! I like the Farley Boat story- and especially like the angle you shot this photo! Sharp focus, bright colors, nice lines- great shot!

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