Day 25—Port A, Day 4—Jelly Bellies and Other Oddities

We saw an odd variety of creatures and things today. The beach had lots of jellyfish, including Portuguese Men of War, cannonballs, and moon jellyfish. Later, at the Port A birding center, we saw a northern shoveler with an itching problem, an American alligator (my first in the wild) lurking in the reeds, a monarch butterfly, and later, shopping for Bubba Gump’s shrimp, an irritated shop owner’s sign.

Portuguese Man of War:

Cannonball Jellyfish:

Moon Jellyfish:

Northern shoveler with an itching problem:

An American Alligator tail:


And finally, how they do it in Texas:

One thought on “Day 25—Port A, Day 4—Jelly Bellies and Other Oddities

  1. Fascinating wildlife they’ve got there on the gulf coast! Those jelly fish- wow! And I love the bill on the shoveler- very cool- and an unusual pose! Alligators- yikes! I hope you are watching where you walk! I love the monarch photo- beautiful focus and color- probably my favorite.

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