Day 23—Port A, Day 2 – B-b-b-bird, Bird Bird, Bird Is The Word

Today, bird was certainly the word, for me anyway. We went fishing and I actually caught a fish, a junk fish that was quickly returned to the water. But I was more interested in photographing birds than fishing and I took hundreds of photos today and quite a few were actually in focus. I saw and photographed an incredible variety of birds including brown pelicans, cormorants, laughing gulls, lesser terns, little blue herons, great blue herons, tricolored herons, ibises, lesser yellowlegs, great white egrets, cattle egrets, an osprey, grebes, pintail ducks, and roseate spoonbills.

Here are some of my favorites from today. Some are SOOC, some are cropped, some required exposure adjustments. The sky was overcast today and I had my ISO set to 320 for much of the day, because I forgot to reset it. I used both manual and aperture priority settings and left the white balance at automatic.

A Common Tern looking for something to eat.

A pair of ibis looking searching for food.

A pair of roseate spoonbills, beautifully colored but very goofy looking up close.

A roseate spoonbill flying along side our boat.

A brown pelican who hung around waiting for us to throw him a morsel, including the occasional piggy perch that we caught.

The same pelican, staring intently at me.

One thought on “Day 23—Port A, Day 2 – B-b-b-bird, Bird Bird, Bird Is The Word

  1. Wow bird IS the word! It’s like you are on a Disneyland ride of water birds! The spoonbills are very cool looking, but my favorite is the brown pelican looking right at you! Love that one! Great focus- you are mastering bird photography! Next year, it would be fun to rent that big lens to take with you! National Geographic, here you come! Hi Susan! Hi Chris! Hi Buddy!

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