Day 17—Stanley

Today’s challenge is “masculine.” To me, tools are very masculine. This is a Stanley No. 46, an adjustable dado and plow plane that was made more than one hundred years ago. It is listed in the 1902 Sears Catalog at a price of $4.55. Its value today is considerably more. It belonged to my husband’s father, Jay Smith, who was a cabinet maker. The plane was handed down to Jay by his father, George Smith, who was also a cabinet maker. They plied their trade near Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early years of the twentieth century.

I decided that this old plane would look best rendered in black and white so I experimented with actually taking the photograph as if I had black and white film in the camera, instead of changing it later on the computer. In the Shooting Menu, I set the picture control to monochrome and experimented with various digital filters, settling on the red filter. I took several photos with various apertures and shutter speeds to achieve various effects. Despite the setting changes I made in the camera however, and despite the fact that they show black and white when viewed in the camera’s LCD screen, when downloaded to the computer, their color returned. This is too much of a puzzle for my brain to handle today. Did I just fall down a rabbit hole? What happened here? Oh well, I’ll just go with what I got. This photo is in color, but it is almost monochrome in the color it has so I’m happy with it.

Focal Length 35mm
ISO 100
.4 second
Camera set to monochrome, red filter. Hmmm.

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