Day 5—In-Spired

Today I felt as if I were losing control of MY blog. When I arrived at the gym this morning, one of my gym buddies asked “what’s OUR theme today?” I started worrying then. Many of my friends and family check out my blog just to see what I’m up to but, some of them are actually interested in what I’ve decided to post as a photo of the day. Although in actuality, only a handful of people read my blog with regularity, I feel I need to produce interesting photos and amusing commentary, not only because I don’t want to let them down, but because I don’t want to let myself down, either.

I wasn’t thrilled or inspired with the daily Flickr topic, “Come on in” and I’m scared to death of my weekly Flickr topic, “long exposure,” but although I joined these groups to help guide me, I feel an absurd obligation to meet the challenges because I took the time to join the groups. And today, I was frustrated because I failed to produce a photo that I was proud to post to either the ODC group or the “Recording Images” group, although not for lack of trying. Then, it struck me that I am not doing this for these groups, but for myself. And I did take one photo that I kept returning to as one I really liked. So, this is my in-Spired photo today. And I love it and it has nothing to do with the ODC challenge or the Recording Images challenge but it makes ME happy.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100

2 thoughts on “Day 5—In-Spired

  1. Hauntingly beautiful! An instant fave, as our friend Marky likes to say! Love love love it! The color combo is so unusual- and the bokeh!!!! Plus there’s some kind of out of focus explosion in the lower left that contrasts with the whole thing- I just love it!

    :::: and I am SO right with you on the whole flickr thing! We are supposed to use these topics for when we need inspiration- not as ASSIGNMENTS! Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a come on in, maybe not ever- pick and chose! ::::

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