Day 345 part 2—Cold War

I had to redeem myself after posting such disappointing photos in my earlier Day 345 post, so when I heard the squeaking of a hummer outside, I went out in search of him. I found this guy, perched high up in the photinias keeping an eye on his feeder and still obviously in fighting mode. He was aware of me and my camera and was continuously posturing; I think that the changing appearance and color of the head and neck feathers and his fluffed feathers must indicate some sort of intimidation posture.

Once again I’m including a group of photos. It kills me to post out-of-focus photos so I’m glad these have acceptable focus. I shot all the photos at 300mm focal length, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/125 shutter speed, WB set to Sunny; I cropped each one and added a curves adjustment to brighten them slightly. The last one is my favorite.

One thought on “Day 345 part 2—Cold War

  1. Stunning images- such detail!!! Beautifully captured! Fascinating how the iridescence of the neck feathers changes as the feathers fluff and he turns (I’ve seen that too). Beautiful shots!

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