Day 260– Two Broads in Italy Day 16- Risotto del Mare

Sixteen days of travel have caught up with us a little and we took another day to kick back and enjoy the pace of Sorrento. There are more locals here than tourists and they enjoy strolling, shopping, riding their scooters, sipping cappuccino and wine at the local trattorias so we spent another day people watching from our balcony or from our sidewalk cafe table. Linda encouraged me to rent a Vespa for a few hours but I didn’t think my years riding my VeloSolex moped qualified me to ride a scooter and since we we have yet another week to experience the sights, foods and wines of Italy, I decided it would be better if I didn’t chance a Vespa accident.

We had looked forward to having risotto del mare at Ristorante Delfino on the Marina Grande since we met a young couple in Florence who recommended it. We ate there yesterday and enjoyed the delicious lobster ravioli with mussels and clams and were anticipating a delectable meal tonight, but we were disappointed. The bruschetta was excellent but the fried calamari was tough and the risotto del mare was a huge disappointment. The rice was undercooked and the seafood was overcooked and there was no flavor of the sea. For comparison, yesterday we ate the seafood risotto at La Basilica that was so fresh, tender and delicious that we we’re expecting wonderful things from Delfinos. Poor food but an interesting walk to get there and nice views of the Bay so it wasn’t all bad. And walking home at 10PM, we encountered the local nightlife where the main street, Corso Italia, that runs by our balcony, is closed to motor traffic and the street is filled with people, young and old, enjoying the evening and local entertainment. What a vibrant city this is.

Some views from today:










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  1. Beautiful shots! I thought you might be riding a Vespa before long! But, I can see why you wouldn’t take a chance after the segway incident. I love how you guys are really relaxing into the Italian lifestyle!

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