Day 267– Two Broads in Italy Day 23– Zurich to SFO

Zurich is an expensive city. Our dinner last night was excellent but pricey. And while we awaited our plane’s departure today, SwissAir flight 38 to SFO, we discovered that the airport also is expensive. We stopped at a bar next to the gate and ordered glasses of wine and some water to use up the 7 Swiss Francs I had left. We were shocked that the bill was $34 USD plus the 7 Swiss Francs. Well, we’re on vacation and as Linda pointed out, we saved more than $600 each on our plane tickets because we bought them in late 2010. I guess I shouldn’t bitch too much but I found the bar tab a bit over the top.

We’re now three hours into our flight and we each have had 3 glasses of wine. The a$$hole in front of me has reclined his seat so I have no room and am claustrophobic and sweating. The reclined seat makes the LCD screen dark, so I can’t watch the in-flight videos so I decided to work on my blog.

Hours have passed since I started writing. It’s now more than ten hours into the flight and we’ll be landing in less than an hour. The flight has been miserable for me because of the cramped seats. I took the window seat on this trip because I had the aisle on the trip over. I was hot and claustrophobic so after a few hours I walked to the back of the plane to the galley and just stood there and stretched my legs for most of an hour. A few others wandered in, as well. They have water, coffee, juice, snacks, and are very friendly and helpful. I suspect they don’t want a riot on their hands so they treat us well. Every couple of hours the flight attendants give us water and snacks but have stopped offering wine :-(. When I finally cooled off a bit and got more comfortable, i spent a couple hours listening to piano jazz on my iPhone which helped my disposition.

This was our last day in Europe. It’s been a wonderful adventure. Italy was all that I was hoping for and more. We loved the countryside, the people, the food, the wine, the excitement and anticipation of the next stop. I hope those of you who are following “Two Broads in Italy” have enjoyed the saga. Tomorrow I’m returning to “In Focus Daily” and getting back to improving my photography skills.
Here are a few photos from today’s return to the United States and, as hokey travelogues often end with a sunset, I,too, am ending “Two Broads in Italy” with the beautiful sunset that welcomed us back to the Sacramento Valley this evening.