Day 256– Two Broads in Italy Day 12-Vespa

Today is our last full day in Florence. We’ve enjoyed staying in one place for four nights but tomorrow morning we board a train for Naples, then on to Sorrento by hydrofoil. We had planned to visit some nearby attractions since we didn’t get reservations to the Uffizi or the Accademia to see David but everywhere we went there were huge crowds and long lines, even more so than on Sunday. Since Linda and I both abhor crowds and lines we decided just to walk around and soak up the ambiance.

And I think “Vespa” pretty much describes the local ambiance. There are Vespas everywhere. They zip in and out of traffic and scoot through the narrowest if passages. Men and women, young, middle aged, and older all ride Vespas. There were quite a few in Milano, but nothing compares to the Vespas in Firenze.

And, one more thing. Linda insists that I update my blog. The other day I posted that my gold earrings would likely be my only purchase. Not so. Yesterday I couldn’t resist local olive oil and Super Tuscan wine and today, despite 90 degree temps, I now own a black lambskin jacket.

Now a little Vespa ambiance: