Day 271— It’s Not The Stuff In The Green Can

I discovered the joy of cooking late in life and until I got my Microplane grater ten years ago or so, I had never grated my own parmesan cheese; I knew only of the packaged variety from Kraft that claims not to have any fillers, then proceeds to list fillers on its label…go figure. In Parma, we noticed that menus all listed Formaggio (cheese) as a course and whenever anyone ordered it, a huge chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano was wheeled to the table and pieces were chipped off using a coltellino, or small knife. When we visited the cooperative that produces Parmigiano Reggiano I wanted to bring home an entire wheel of this delectable cheese: it is high in calcium and other nutrients and lower in fat and sodium than other hard aged cheeses. Instead, I purchased two large slices, each over a kilo, and a couple of coltellini. One piece is a gift for my brother who also loves to cook and who has been caring for my parrot, Bobo, while I have been away. The other is mine, all mine, and I am already making a dent in it.

I thought I had better photograph it while some remains. It is laying on a special waxed paper that I was given at the cooperative for storing the cheese after I opened the plastic shrink wrap. And the coltellino works perfectly to shave off bits of cheese that I have been enjoying with a glass of wine in the evening since my return.

Focal Lengh 35mm
ISO 100