Day 253– Two Broads in Italy – Day 9 Duomo Struck

Today we spent traveling. It took three trains to get to Florence from Vernazza. When we arrived we were hot, tired, and hungry. Our hotel is close to the train station and has nicer amenities than those we experienced in Vernazza. We found a nearby trattoria for a small, early dinner and when we returned to the hotel we were awestruck to see the Duomo looming large between the buildings not far from our hotel.

Tomorrow we start to experience Florence!


Day 252–Two Broads in Italy Day 8- People Watching

I love to photograph people in their daily lives. The people watching here in Italy is fascinating and we have been able to do lots of it in Vernazza. We spent the day wandering around the tiny village and sitting in the several bistros with their brightly colored umbrellas, sipping cappuccino or vino and enjoying the parade of wonderful local Italians going about their business.

In addition to the locals, we met some other tourists and enjoyed getting to know them. This morning, we were delighted to encounter an Israeli couple we had met Thursday on the train to Monterosso and enjoyed lunch with them. In yet another bistro at dinner, we had a mouth watering seafood dinner, enjoyed an evening of conversation with a newlywed couple from Cincinnati, and were generally raucus.

Here are just some of the many interesting people who passed in front of my lens today, some more scenes in Vernazza including the street leading to the 50 some steps and sloped passageways that took us to our room.




















Day 251–Two Broads in Italy Day 7-Cinque Terra, Where Italy Gets Real

We were sad to leave the Hotel Castello di Sinio and the beautiful views in the Piemonte region this morning but the rest of our Italian adventure awaits us. We drove to Genoa where we returned the rental car at the airport. The two hour drive was not uneventful but it went a bit smoother than our trip to Sinio; only a handful of extra trips through the Round-Abouts and we were both much calmer; well, I should say I freaked out only about a half dozen times and Linda managed to keep me calm(er) and found the correct route and redirected me to them. We were once again impressed with the Italian road system and the many well designed and maintained tunnels that led the road through the mountains down to the sea.

A short bus ride from the airport to the Genoa train station, then another short train ride to Monterosso, the first of the Cinque Terra, then a 3 minute train ride brought us to Vernazza. I think my photos will best show what we discovered when we arrived. And my favorite thing about this village? The laundry hanging from windows everywhere. Even the window outside our room had a clothes line. We were tempted to “do as in Rome” and rinse out a few things, then hang them from our window but our curiosity about the town won out and we went exploring instead.

We had an extraordinary seafood dinner on the balcony at Belforte, a restaurant on the edge of the sea in an ancient fort and were treated to an incredible sunset to end our first day in the Cinque Terra.

The first two photos are the doorway of our flat with the upstairs neighbor’s laundry hanging aboce. The seoncd is the view from our tiny veranda to the steps leading down to the square. We never bothered to count the steps or the steep pathway between the steps but the trip to the room got us breathing hard. The rest show the charming village.